First phase of a leek Farofa (cassava stuffing) 

First phase of a leek Farofa (cassava stuffing) 

Brazilian Feijoada Brunch-Buffet

Since March 2017, we've been successfully organizing once every 3 or 4 weeks a Saturday brunch, where a deliciosa (both regular and vegan) Brazilian Feijoada Completa is offered as the flagship course (a 24h slow cooked black bean pot with smoked pork meat (roasted veggies on the vegan version), served with farofa (cassava stuffing) , rice and braised kale).  Accompanying the feijoada are the "Cuscuz Paulista" (a corn meal), a pasta salad, a grain salad, leaves and crunchy salads, different dips (hummus, tuna), fruits, nutella, marmalades, yoghurt, granola, breads, quiche, and the beloved Pão-de-Queijo.  

Visit our Facebook page and look under "Events" to check out when the next Feijoada is taking place. 

RESERVATION ONLY!! It's quickly booked out!

Inquire us about the options for a private Feijoada at  Raum Schwalbe, our catering offerings & the delivery sets!