PAINTING AND ANIMATION WITH THE IPAD - with Ilan Katin and Lenara Verle

Ilan Katin is the first on the right :)

Ilan Katin is the first on the right :)

For 5+ y.o. people. August 09th and August 17th. English/ Portuguese

3-hour-workshop, 2 groups each date: 

A) from 09:30 until 12:30 (optional: 09:00 until 13:00hs, including. breakfast and lunch).

B) from 13:30 until 16:30 (optional: 13:00 until 17:00hs, including lunch and 5pm "tea".

30,- EUR/ incl. bread & fruit

45,- EUR/ with the "optionals" 

Learn to use Tagtool PLAY, an easy to use animation software for the iPad. We will invent a short scene, develop characters and create animations using this free app. It allows for the creation of colors, shapes and movement, controlled by a series of simple gestures.

Bring your own iPad if you have it. We will have a few to share if you don't.

Lenara Verle is an artist and researcher in the field of media art, collaboration and alternative currencies. She's a lecturer for the Game Design and Digital Communication programs at Unisinos University in Brazil. Her latest projects and artworks can be found at

Ilan Katin is an artist specializing in drawings, live video performance and animation, as well as interactive installations. He has been teaching workshops for both kids and grown ups and helping them learn these exciting new tools. You can find more about him at

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